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Dangers That You Can Get from Crossing Your Legs While Sitting!

I really think that we all know the fact that a many people around the world are used to sitting on the chair with their legs crossed !

And I also think that this is a common habit for many people, probably because it gives them a much comfortable sitting position. But, ladies, you should be very careful, because a recent study has discovered that sitting with your legs crossed is actually harmful to you.

Here’s what you need to know – according to this study, crossing your legs will only put pressure on the other leg’s bone nerve at the rear of the knee and this could impair within the lower legs and feet.

The researchers have also revealed that sitting with your legs crossed or what we call Indian sitting on the ground is worse. This will cause the leg bone nerve palsy that may result to a “Foot drop” where in the front part of the foot and the toes can’t be emotional. Sitting in these manner will also cause you back pain and neck pain.

Source: naturalhealingmagazine