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Homemade Recipe, Disappears Spots and Dark Skin PROVEN !!

Our main ingredient to hydrogen peroxide or also known as hydrogen peroxide , which is used to fade stains on clothing, but also used for skin blemishes. This has many uses such as clarify the armpits, remove dark spots.


Ingredients :

  • 04 drops of hydrogen peroxide.
  • 03 drops of natural glycerin.
  • 02 tablespoons powdered milk.
  • The juice of a lemon (preferably small).

Preparation : First we pour all ingredients in a glass bowl and start mixing with a wooden spoon, we have to do until smooth and creamy combination. Then let rest for a period of 05 minutes before using our pasta.

Application : Already having prepared our choice, we must first wash our face with mild soap and dry it. Then we apply the mask at night and leave it on all the rest of the night, in the morning you should wash your face with cold water and dry off very well.

Source: supertastyrecipes