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If you wear these shoes, throw it out immediately and here's why !!

Scientific research that was conducted in Germany has found that shoes that are made from plastics contain many carcinogenic compounds that may be the reason for the appearance of certain types of cancer.

Si vous portez ces sabots, jetez-les immédiatement et voici pourquoi !!
Sandals: Scientists wanted to prove this research and they chose ten pairs of shoes that were made of plastic. They chose the best brands on the market. Then, they were analyzed in the laboratory. They were surprised by the results, because the shoes contain 60% of HAP also known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

If you have not heard that they are highly carcinogenic and can cause cell mutation if the body absorbs.

They are extremely dangerous if inhaled and can penetrate the skin and enter the corps.Basé research, black shoes contained the largest amount of this particular type of substance cancérogène. Environ 70% clogs who examined contained lourds.Un solvents and metals interesting fact is that the original Crocs do not contain PAHs. However, they contained four solvents which may cause allergies.