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French Employees Encouraged to Shut Off Email After 6 p.m

In many jobs, work email doesn't stop when the employee leaves the office.

French unions did not ban French employees from sending emails after precisely 6 p.m.—the agreement meant to protect some workers from too much after-hours work intrusion (and consequently, burnout) does not stipulate 6 p.m. as a hard stopping time for work-related emails. In addition, the agreement won't affect as many people asThe Guardian report suggested—about 200,000-250,000 workerswill be affected by the rule, according to French media.

There are many ways to distance yourself from the crushing tidal wave that is your work inbox. You can, for instance, impose an email sabbatical, which is supposed to be good for your mental health. Or you can plow through all of your emails in one go with the savvy use of search filters.

C'est la vie.

Souce: fastcompany