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A 5,000-year-old underground city discovered in central Turkey

A 5,000-year-old underground city discovered in central Turkey in December 2014 is thought to be the largest in the world!


The previously unknown ancient metropolis was unearthed in the course of the implementation of an urban transformation project initiated by Turkey’s Housing Development Administration’s (TOKİ) in Nevşehir province of Central Anatolia.

While carrying out earthmoving works in the area, which was meant to be used for the construction of new buildings, the developers stumbled upon a massive underground network of cave tunnels, escape galleries and chambers spanning over 3.5 miles (7 kilometers).


A reconstruction of what the Derinkuyu underground city is believed to have looked like (Wikipedia)

In fact, it is not the first time when a subterranean settlement is found by accident in Turkey.

The region of Cappadocia, where the province of Nevşehir is located, is known for its historical and archaeological legacy as it once was a province of the Roman Empire.

Source: themindunleashed.org