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You Will Read It In 1 Minute But It Is Worth It: It Will Open Up Your Eyes!

There were 4 burning candles in one room and their talk could be heard…

 You Will Read It In 1 Minute But It Is Worth It It Will Open Up Your Eyes!

The first candle said: I am PEACE and people fail to notice me and got extinguished.

The second candle said: I am FAITH and a lot of people find me useless and there is no need for me to burn, so it got extinguished.

The third candle said: I am LOVE and I have no more strength, people forget me and do not love their closest ones, and it also got extinguished. Afterwards, a boy entered in the room and said: “Weren’t the candles supposed to burn until the end?” and began crying.

Then the fourth candle said: “Do not be afraid, while I burn, I will also light up the other candles. I am HOPE. With tears in his eyes, the boy took HOPE and lighted the other candles with it.

So, remember, we always need to have hope in our hearts, in order to preserve faith, love, and peace in our hearts.