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This Plant Pot Can Charge Your Phone Using Photosynthesis From Your Plant

Bioo Lite is a plant pot created to harness the greenest and most efficient energy ever and can charge your devices using the organic substances generated from photosynthesis.


Consumers can use any kind of plant and any type of soil for the Bioo Lite, making the pot-turned-charging-device a versatile accessory built for any home.

The plant’s leaves act as solar panels to generate the electricity and the microorganisms placed in the pot by the creators are nourished by the organic substances created by the photosynthesis. Those microorganisms then break up the waste and some of the electrons are set free and travel through the nano wires in the most efficient way to power your devices.

Set-up only requires the user to first remove the USB cable from inside the pot, pour in water to start the activation process, pot a plant of their choice and use soil to fill in the gaps.

According to Bioo’s research, each plant pot will allow for 2 or 3 full charges per day and the pot generates and collects electricity around the clock.