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4 Plants Will Help You Fight Insomnia and Purify the Air in Your Home

The top 4 plants, which are the most effective plants in improving your sleep and your mood as well

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Lavender: his magnificent plant can provide many health benefits, such as: improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and stress levels, slow your heart rate, improves your brain function and it may even help reduce crying in little babies.

Snake plant: The snake plant is extremely useful for cleaning the air inside your house, day and night. And the best of all is that this plant is very easy to keep alive and because of its simple green and yellow leaves, the snake plant can fit nicely with any home décor.

Jasmine: Its smell can provide many health benefits, such as: improves the sleep quality, reduces stress levels and anxiety and it also improves the alertness and productivity for the next day. And you should know that just by smelling it, this plant may help you to reduce anxiety and stress.

English ivy plant: This plant is very good in purifying the air, it is very toxic if it’s consumed by a human being. So, chose a different air purifying plant if you have small kids or pets in your home.