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5 Cities Where Wearing Clothes Is Not Allowed

Imagine if you walk on the streets without your shoes people won’t stop staring at you…. But here are some places where being clothless is just a regular routine.

Well, if you are making your mind to visit these places, better leave behind your clothes because you won’t need any.  After reading this I realised that PK must have been from here.

Hot Springs Bathing in Toyko, Japan: Tokyo is the capital city of japan where ’Onsen’ (japanese term for hot spring) are located . Traditionally, men and women bathe together at a few special mineral-rich onsens in rural Japan.

City Cap d’Agde, France: France has been very popular for its ultra modern lifestyle . In Cap d’Agde for people clothing is optional and is completely legal. One wouldn’t expect any less from the world capital of naturism?

Art Festival in Portschach am Worthersee, Austria: In this festival artists from all over the world and models covered in vibrant colours showcase their work. The city looks colourful during the festive season and one can see people wearing colours on their body.

Spa Treatments in Ayana Resort Bali, Indonesia: Bali Island is famous for its exotic lifestyle and nightlife. Massage And Therapies here will give you a refreshing sensation.

City Park in Munich, Germany: One of Europe’s biggest city parks (almost 4 sq/kms) in this park. People go bare and take sunbathe which is in practice since the 1960s.