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She Took a Little Bit of Vaseline and Put It on Her Arm

We will be honest and say that we do not know what actually the real purpose of Vaseline is !


If you also do not know what this ‘gooey substance’ is, or you are simply looking for additional ideas, this is made for you.

  • First if you are having problems opening your nail polish, next time before closing it apply Vaseline around the corners of your nail polish and you will not have problems opening it.
  • Secondly, lubricate your legs before putting socks on so that your feet are always fine, smooth and moisturized.
  • Third, apply Vaseline around the nail before painting it and you won’t have any problems removing the paint from your finger.
  • Fourth, apply Vaseline on your earrings before placing them in your ears and that way you will prevent any irritation.
  • And the best one, apply a little Vaseline on your hand, before applying perfume, you will be surprised how much longer will the smell last.