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Home Treatment For Eyebrows Thickening

That is why we will present you this magnificent treatment that will regenerate your eyebrows and will make them thick and beautiful.


The best thing about this treatment is that the procedure is not painful at all the necessary ingredients are quite cheap.

Necessary ingredients: olive oil & slice of lemon

Preparation:  The preparation of this natural beauty remedy is very simple. All you need to do is place the slice of lemon in a cup. Then you need to cover the lemon with 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil. Next thing you need to do is cover the cup with a plate and let it stay like that for about 5 days.

After 5 days your remedy will be ready and you can use it. Now, every night before going to sleep, you need to apply the resulting mixture on your eyebrows.

After applying the mixture the best thing to do is go to sleep and leave on the mixture over the night in order for it to act. Then in the morning you need to wash off the mixture using lukewarm water.

You need to repeat this procedure every day for about 3-4 weeks. The first results will be notable in only 10 days.