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What A Hero – Dog Saves A Family From Cobras Then Something Even Scarier Happens

A dog heroically defended his family when they were attacked by four cobras and later died.

A Doberman stood firmly on the ground, bravely fighting with poisonous snakes, thus saving an entire family from certain death. Snakes attempted to enter a house, however on their way, they encountered a Doberman, the family’s dog, in the yard.

The dog successfully coped with the snakes that were trying to escape from him. An eyewitness said that during the fighting, the snakes stung the dog and that the he lost a lot of blood. The dog did not stop until he killed the last one of the snakes, so they couldn’t hurt a family member.

The dog, unfortunately collapsed from the poison of the snakes. The family is still in shock over the incident that occurred on Monday evening.

“I’m in shock. He sacrificed himself for me and my family. I will remember it until my death. I pray to God – that his soul rests in peace. “

Source: yourstylishlife